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Melbourne is world famous for its street appeal. From heritage buildings of the inner suburbs, to the sprawling family homes in the outer areas, there’s plenty to admire. When observing Melbourne architectural house styles, you’ll find anything from British Colonial style to the more American Cape Cod style of home.

At Supa Group, we work with families to renovate their homes to suit their existing house style. We also factor in heritage overlays to preserve the design elements of the past, while reinvigorating living spaces for the future.

Building and house styles in Melbourne - a history

The overall architectural style of Melbourne is impossible to pin down, and is often intertwined with the propserous historical periods of the city. 

In the middle of the CBD, you’ll find churches designed in the Gothic revival style, popular in the late 19th Century. In the suburbs, the city’s working-class roots are enshrined through craftsman-style houses and workers’ cottages.

From Victorian houses to colonial architecture, Melbourne has it in spades. If you own a particular style of home and want to add more space, we can help you retain the elements that you love.

Key design features of Melbourne architectural styles

No matter what period or style of a particular Melbourne home, you’ll always find some key design features that remain constant across different generations.

Period elements

Most Melbourne buildings built before the mid-century modern movement will have some sort of identifiable period element, including wrought iron, stucco exteriors, or stained glass.


Practicality is always at the forefront of Melbourne's historical architecture and can be seen in through the inclusion of fireplaces, small courtyards, and other creative uses of space.

Extension opportunity

While some buildings have heritage overlays to consider, many of Melbourne’s buildings can be renovated or extended in keeping with local government requirements.

Understanding heritage overlays

A heritage overlay is a designation made by a local government. Buildings falling under a heritage overlay have been recognised as having historical or architectural significance to the local area. As such, these buildings must be conserved. 

If you own a building with a heritage overlay, it may be difficult to extend or renovate the way you want. However, with there are always opportunities to make changes to the home without affecting the heritage overlay.

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