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Cottage home styleCottage home style

Cottage home style

Cottage home style

Spacious extensions for cottage-style homes in Melbourne

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Cottage renovations to add natural light and improve flow

When you think of a cottage, chances are you’re thinking of the English style. That’s only natural since the idea for these small, simple homes was replicated in Australia by the English. Today, cottages and cottage-style houses make for wonderful family homes, especially for younger families.

Cottages tend towards simplicity; the purpose of this style was, after all, to provide basic but hardy shelter for labourers working for local landowners. Essentially, they’re workers' cottages. An old cottage offers basic amenities, cozy spaces and likely a beautiful garden perfect for a flower garden or growing your own produce. But there are downsides, too: what’s cozy to some is cramped to others; what’s simple to some is outdated to others. 

If you’d like to update your old house with revitalising renovations and modern extensions, you’ve come to the right specialists. Supa Group is a Melbourne-based Master Builder. Our cottage extensions and renovations can update your old house with modern materials, extra space, new amenities and an array of other features and benefits. If you have a cottage on your property adjacent to your main house, we could even add a glazed link between the two as a unique cottage extension.

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Key features of cottage homes

The cottage style has adapted to local Australian tastes over generations, so these old houses don’t often share the same features. Still, here’s what you’re likely to see at a cottage.

Usually single storey

Cottage homes are often single-storey with a simple backyard. However, modern cottage-revival style homes are often a narrow two-storey design.

Casement windows

Of all the period features these homes may have, nothing is so iconic as the casement window. They often feature decorative diamond-patterned leadlight.

Rustic details

Don’t be surprised to see cobblestone paths, ledgestone garden walls and a steep gable roof — all these features only add to the rustic charm of the house.

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Cottage house design features

Asymmetrical facade

Humble front porch

Open floor plans to improve space

Fireplace with a prominent chimney

Brick, stone or wood cladding

Second storey floor extension in Melbourne

Add bright and airy space to your cozy Melbourne cottage

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Cottage home heritage overlays

Original cottage homes have been around for centuries, though the style was revived at the turn of the 20th century. If you’ve got a particularly beautiful example of a cottage or cottage revival-style home, there is a chance it’ll fall under your local council’s heritage overlay scheme.

Heritage overlays exist to protect period buildings. They can restrict modern extension and renovation plans, but the key is to remember that your council’s goal is to protect the stylistic integrity of the original building. As long as our designs don’t diminish your home but fit seamlessly into it, your council will likely be amenable to your plans.

Supa Group’s team have decades of experience working with councils across Melbourne. As accredited Master Builders, our trusted reputation allows us to quickly secure the necessary permissions and permits you’ll need to begin the work. If you’re concerned about your council’s heritage overlays, get in touch.

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Have a look at our recent projects to get a feel for the type of transformation you can expect in your own home. Get ideas, be inspired, and then we’ll create your perfect home.

Northcote workers cottage
  • New kitchen, dining, and living area
  • New alfresco entertaining area
  • New carport


Frequently asked questions about cottage home extensions in Melbourne

How does Supa Group plan cottage extensions?

Our straightforward three-step process makes planning a new extension or renovation easy and transparent.

  1. The Design Phase: we collaborate, ideate and refine plans for your cottage. Explore the possibilities of a glazed extension between buildings, a spacious new second storey or any other similar ideas.
  2. The Contract Phase: we’ll confer with your council to attain all necessary permits and paperwork. We’ll also start hiring contractors and will happily work with contractors of your choice.
  3. The Build Phase: we get our hands dirty and start construction. 

Once the work’s done, we’ll secure it with a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Can I live in my cottage during the renovations?

As long as we can make your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen amenities safe and available, you can remain in your home while we work.

If we cannot make those amenities available, you must find temporary accommodation. However, we’ll give you a strict schedule of our work so you can plan ahead.

Will it cost me an arm and a leg to renovate my cottage home?

The cost of a cottage renovation depends on the scope of the work, the finishes you’d like, and whether we’re doing single-storey or second-storey extensions. 

While we don’t believe in offering ballpark estimates, we do believe in lock-in prices. After our Free Design Consultation, we’ll tell you exactly how much you can expect to pay.

Our simple 4-step renovation journey

Our process is designed to be straightforward and stress-free. You choose your level of involvement, and we handle the rest.

A consultation for a home extension


We get to know you and what you want to achieve with our extension services, so we can design the ideal solution for you.

3D concept design of a home extension


We create 3D designs of your home extension so you can do a virtual walkthrough and make any changes you need.

A house extension being built


Once you approve your design, we provide a guaranteed start date for your extension, and we keep it on schedule.

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You can finally enjoy your dream home. We also provide complimentary aftercare services if you experience any issues.


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