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Post-war brick home stylePost-war brick home style

Post-war brick home style

Post-war brick home style

Post-war home renovations and extensions in Melbourne

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Restore your post-war brick homes with spacious extensions

The decades following the Second World War saw a boom in immigration into Australia, and with that boom came the need for affordable domestic housing. Melbourne’s post-war houses were designed for family lifestyles, usually featuring multiple living spaces and plenty of windows to let in ample light.

Supa Group’s stylish and practical post-war house renovations will perfectly meet your growing needs without sacrificing the heritage details. We work with our own designers and builders, overseeing the project every step of the way. And, with your input, you can have the brick family home of your dreams.

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Key features of post-war brick homes

Post-war brick houses reflect the optimism and growth occurring in Australia during the 50s and 60s.

Brick veneer

The veneer was more affordable and faster to produce than solid brick and became a key feature of these homes.

Double and triple-fronted

Post-war homes are easily identified by their staggered facades, often featuring hipped roofs.

More windows

Glass became cheaper to produce thanks to new industrial processes, so more windows were able to be incorporated into post-war brick homes. Steel window frames often replaced timber sash windows.

Single-storey designs

These homes were built out instead of up, as earlier basic timber homes were, with interconnected living rooms and family rooms.

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Post-war brick home design features

Brick veneers

Staggered facades

Generous windows for improved natural lighting

Cement tiling

Wide front lawns with neat gardens

Lack of design flourishes

Second storey floor extension in Melbourne

Renovate your Melbourne post-war brick home for modern life 

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Post-war brick house heritage overlays

Most post-war style brick homes were (as the name suggests) built after the Second World War, and will unlikely be subject to heritage overlays. In some cases, streetscapes featuring similarly styled homes are placed under a heritage order. As such, you should always check to see if your home is subject to heritage protection.

Heritage overlays were introduced to protect places of significance. Having said that, not every element of your home will be considered historically significant. Certain areas and aspects of your brick home can be removed, extended or renovated to create modern spaces better suited to your lifestyle and aesthetic. 

You'll need to contact your council's planning department to find out what you can and can't do if a heritage overlay protects your home. In some cases, you may need to apply for a planning permit. 

At Supa Group, we have substantial experience working with councils to ensure that heritage elements of homes are retained when undergoing construction. If you need clarification on whether your home has a heritage overlay, we can check for you. We'll work with you and your local council to ensure you can still build the perfect post-war brick extension.

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A second storey house extension
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Frequently asked questions about Post-war Brick home renovations in Melbourne

What are the stages of a post-war home extension?

Whether you have a post-war brick home or an Art Deco house, we always follow the same process for extensions and renovations.

  1. The Design Phase: together, we’ll talk through ideas for adding more space for your growing family, then draw up a plan for your post-war home renovation.
  2. The Contract Preparation Phase: we'll get the relevant permits and documents together, and draw up a timeframe and contract for the construction.
  3. The Build Phase: we'll then get to work upgrading and updating your post-war home, so you can experience a house that accommodates all your needs.

Can my family live in the post-war home during renovations?

Yes — if you're still going to have access to your amenities (the bathroom, toilet, and bedrooms) during construction. But if these areas are undergoing renovations, or will be blocked by building works, you may need to look for temporary accommodation. If you need to leave your home, you will have a warning well in advance, and we can always work around your needs.

How much will my post-war home renovation cost?

Post-war home renovations and extensions vary in price, depending on what you're looking to achieve. When you engage our services, we'll provide you with a detailed quote, so you always know how much construction will cost. We strive to ensure our home and building services are cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Our simple 4-step renovation journey

Our process is designed to be straightforward and stress-free. You choose your level of involvement, and we handle the rest.

A consultation for a home extension


We get to know you and what you want to achieve with our extension services, so we can design the ideal solution for you.

3D concept design of a home extension


We create 3D designs of your home extension so you can do a virtual walkthrough and make any changes you need.

A house extension being built


Once you approve your design, we provide a guaranteed start date for your extension, and we keep it on schedule.

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You can finally enjoy your dream home. We also provide complimentary aftercare services if you experience any issues.


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