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Federation home styleFederation home style

Federation home style

Federation home style

Melbourne Federation home renovations and extensions

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Upgrade your Federation home while respecting its heritage

The foundations for the first Australian Federation-style home were laid in the late 19th century, just as the nation was coming into its modern identity prior to the First World War. Pulling elements from British and American architectural fads and Art Nouveau, the Federation-style house design is ornate and impressive yet simple enough to be managed by a small family.

The Federation house is now an icon of our national architectural landscape. But, being over a century old, many of Melbourne’s Federation homes require extensions and renovations to remain structurally sound and suit modern lifestyles.

At Supa Group, we can add space and the benefits of modernity to your home without compromising the historic appeal. By collaborating with our team of designers and builders, you'll be able to achieve all the aspirations you have for your property. 

Outline a plan with our team today, and you’ll be amazed at what we can make possible.

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We plan all our projects to ensure we can maintain accurate timelines.
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Key features of Federation homes

Federation houses in Melbourne reflect the grand ambitions of the young country that built them.

Red brick and woodwork

Many federation homes feature beautiful red brick facades, ridges of white mortar, and impressive woodwork on the verandas.  

Fireplaces and chimneys 

Built long before electric heating was standard, Federation homes boast working fireplaces that can now be turned into feature walls.

A blending of styles

Federation homes draw inspiration from the earlier Art Nouveau architectural style, and often favour the floral flourishes and curved lines of the European style.

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Federation house style design features

Red brick walls and terracotta roof tiles

Ornate timber architraves, skirting and balustrades

Stained glass windows

Art Nouveau-inspired flourishes

Fireplaces and chimneys

Second storey floor extension in Melbourne

Stylish, practical Federation home extensions in Melbourne

It all begins with a no-obligation Free Design Consultation with Supa Group’s friendly experts.

Federation home heritage overlays

Federation-style homes are over a century old, and many of them are protected by a heritage overlay. This means you'll have to go through the council and get approval before making substantive changes to the property. All renovations to heritage houses need approval before proceeding.

Our team at Supa Group has years of experience working with local councils around Melbourne. We can find out if your home has a heritage overlay, asses your property, and find the best way of navigating any council restrictions for heritage projects.

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A second storey house extension
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See what we can do

Have a look at our recent projects to get a feel for the type of transformation you can expect in your own home. Get ideas, be inspired, and then we’ll create your perfect home.

Ground and second storey extension in Kew
  • Ground floor extension with new open living, kitchen, and dining area.
  • First floor extension with two new bedrooms.
  • Master bedroom with luxury ensuite.


Frequently asked questions about Federation extensions in Melbourne

What is the process for renovating Federation-style houses?

All the homes we renovate at Supa Group go through the same tried and tested process:

  1. Design: Working in collaboration with you, our design team will come up with a workable plan that meets all your key criteria. 
  2. Contract Preparation: Collating all relevant documents and permits, we will prepare contracts for the job.
  3. Build: Finally, our build team will get the job done. All of our work is guaranteed for six years.

If you want to know more about the specific timeline and costs for your Federation home extension project, get in touch and we'll draw up a quote estimate.

Can my family still live in the Federation home during renovations?

We do our best to facilitate families if they want to continue living in their homes while renovations occur. We require that you still have access to kitchen and bathroom amenities, plus your bedroom.

How much will my Federation home renovation cost?

We go above and beyond to make our renovation work as affordable as possible. The exact cost will fluctuate depending on things like:

  • The size of the job
  • The scale of the designs
  • Whether you're looking at a ground-floor extension, a second-storey extension, or both

You can get a more precise indication of how much the job will cost by booking in for a Free Design Consultation with our team.

See how we do it

All our extensions involve extensive design and planning to make sure you get your dream home. Learn about our process in detail.

A consultation for a home extension


We get to know you and what you want to achieve with our extension services, so we can design the ideal solution for you.

3D concept design of a home extension


We create 3D designs of your home extension so you can do a virtual walkthrough and make any changes you need.

A house extension being built


Once you approve your design, we provide a guaranteed start date for your extension, and we keep it on schedule.

Inspirational living room area photo


You can finally enjoy your dream home. We also provide complimentary aftercare services if you experience any issues.


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