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House extensions you’ll love: renovation ideas and inspirationHouse extensions you’ll love: renovation ideas and inspiration
House extensions you’ll love: renovation ideas and inspirationHouse extensions you’ll love: renovation ideas and inspiration

House extensions you’ll love: renovation ideas and inspiration

House extensions you’ll love: renovation ideas and inspiration

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Supa Group
Supa Group
August 28, 2019
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August 28, 2019
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Minimise home extension costs and explore your design options

There are many reasons why you might be considering a house extension. Your family may have outgrown the space, or you may see untapped potential change.

Either way, it can be daunting to undergo a home extension project if you don’t know exactly what you want (or can afford).

We’ve explored a few different options and considerations to help maximise your home’s space and style. From building up in a second-storey addition, to connecting your indoor and outdoor environments via a ground floor extension, we’ve compiled a list of home extension ideas that we hope will inspire you.

Our team at Supa Group can help you plan an extension that stays in your budget and transforms your home. Contact us to arrange a free design consultation.

Second storey additions

Many people equate home extensions with adding a second storey to an existing house, and there’s a good reason for that. Second storey additions allow you to add an entirely new dimension to your home.

It allows you to take advantage of any views that your area has to offer and gain more living space without sacrificing your outdoor area.

Second storey extensions may cost a little bit more than ground floor extensions, but they do represent excellent value. On tight sites they are often the only option available.

Here’s an outstanding example of a seamless upper storey extension to a Californian bungalow in Hughesdale. You can see how the extension maintained the original style and charm of this classic family home while accommodating growth and the need for play zones for children.

Second storey extensions can also dramatically increase the street value of suburban residences. As you can see from this Box Hill extension, the owners transformed their standard of living. They added flexible entertaining elements which will appeal to future buyers.

Ground floor extensions

For homeowners who are looking to gain extra living space without moving out but are reluctant to go upwards, ground floor extensions offer a prime opportunity to maximise the space and functionality of your home. Most importantly, they cost considerably less than adding a second storey extension.

Provided you have the space to extend your home outwards, you could add tremendous value to your home for as little as $130,000. Meanwhile, a second storey extension will typically set you back around $250,000.

A ground floor extension is rich in creative possibilities. It can involve:

-Adding a deck

-Demolishing one to make space for an extra bedroom

-Blending an indoor area into an outdoor entertaining area

For example, the en suite to the master bedroom was redesigned and renovated during a Coburg ground floor extension. This resulted in a wonderfully spacious open plan living area.

A historic workers cottage in the heart of Northcote was similarly transformed. The newly designed open plan kitchen, dining and living area flows onto an undercover decked area. Here, double glazed highlight windows and sliding doors are encased by a modern raked roof.

At an Ivanhoe East property, the owners had resigned themselves to having a virtually unused north facing rear yard. But an innovative ground floor extension enabled them to receive a full revamp with plenty of yard space left over.

Decks and alfresco areas

Adding a deck, alfresco space or outdoor room to an existing home can be a fantastic way to gain more room for entertaining at an affordable cost. It can help you connect with nature, expand the experience of your home, and increase its street appeal.

Make it a space for all seasons by adding shade and shelter from the elements and choosing pocket doors that merge indoor and outdoor environments. The style of your home will inform what type of deck or alfresco addition will suit. For example, this 1940’s weatherboard house needed a deck that was distinct and contemporary, yet sympathetic to the home’s original design.

These days, decked areas often include an outdoor kitchen that moves beyond the humble barbecue on the patio. If you’re contemplating adding one, keep in mind that position and orientation are crucial. You will also need to consider plumbing.

Want more home extension ideas?

At Supa Group, we have been extending homes since 1974. We can guide you through what it will take to create your dream home extension from start to finish. As a multi-award winning master builder, we will help you find the most cost-effective and intelligent solutions.

We understand it’s not an easy choice deciding whether to move house or extend your home to make it a better fit. That’s why we offer a free initial design consultation to remove the upfront costs of getting an expert opinion. We also do our best to simplify the building process and help you understand the planning needs and limits that are unique to your property.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we have the testimonials to prove it.

[free_consultation]Contact Supa Group today to get started on your dream home extension in Melbourne.


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