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The outdoor kitchenThe outdoor kitchen
The outdoor kitchenThe outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen

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Supa Group
Supa Group
July 14, 2016
Director of Building
July 14, 2016
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Outdoor kitchens Melbourne

Outdoor entertaining has always been trendy but the backyard culinary experience has moved far beyond a simple barbecue on the patio

The sun is shining and the sky is crystal blue.  A warm soft breeze gently strokes your uplifted face. You draw a deep breath, eyes closed, and feel the sting on your fingers from the ice cold drink clasped in your hand.  As the scent of smoky mouth-watering BBQ fills your nostrils you feel as one with nature. The joyous sound of laughter, chatter and clinking of glassware heralds good times had by all. A slow self-satisfying smile creeps onto your face as you flip another steak cooked to perfection on your new high tech outdoor kitchen.  Another beautiful day, another gourmet alfresco lunch for your guests to enjoy while their children defile the flower beds. Sweet!

Outdoor entertaining has always been trendy but the backyard culinary experience has moved far beyond a simple barbecue on the patio. It has morphed into a high tech ‘second kitchen’ that has all the bells and whistles of the indoor kitchen. We are talking multiple burners to grill, sear and simmer to your hearts content and even a rotisserie for that Christmas turkey.

More people are spending money remodelling their outdoor decking into luxurious outdoor entertaining spaces. These areas come fully loaded with a state of the art ‘outdoor kitchen’ including a fridge, a sink with running water, a wine cooler, an icemaker, plenty of storage and for some, even a pizza oven! There is also a sitting and dining area for your guests to congregate whilst they watch the Chef in action.

Outdoor extensions Melbourne

When planning and designing your complete outdoor kitchen position and orientation is crucial. Barbecues produce a lot of smoke, so keep in mind prevailing wind when positioning your BBQ grill. You will also need to consider plumbing as you will require a water line for the sink and a permanent gas line to the area, in addition to electric power for lighting and refrigeration.

Backyard of Ivanhoe property before the transformation.

After photo of completed Al fresco entertainment area with pool and landscaping in Ivanhoe.

The unique shape of the al fresco was also dictated by site constraints including a signifcant easement running through the middle of property.

The newly created outdoor entertainment area should reflect the design and style of your home to create a seamless blend of indoor to outdoor. Positioning your outdoor kitchen in close proximity to the ‘Mothership’ will save you great angst when it’s time to bring all those dirty dishes inside the house.

Manufacturers of appliances and cabinetry are producing complete outdoor kitchens products that can be customised for all needs. It is imperative that before you plan your alfresco kitchen you find out the gas laws of your state. There are legal standards related to the use of gas appliances indoors, outdoors, and in semi-enclosed spaces such as alfresco areas. The legal standards must be adhered to as using gas appliances in enclosed spaces can be lethal.

Once all safety and installation guidelines have been met, you can sit back, savour the spoils of your culinary endeavours and soak in the sunshine a la fresco.

Below is Bruce. He is one happy puppy!

Al fresco by Supa Group.

Landscaping by MDW Paving and Landscapes

Pool by Albatross Pools

Plants by Metro Trees

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