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5 things to consider when adding a second storey extension to your home5 things to consider when adding a second storey extension to your home
5 things to consider when adding a second storey extension to your home5 things to consider when adding a second storey extension to your home

5 things to consider when adding a second storey extension to your home

5 things to consider when adding a second storey extension to your home

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Second Storey Extensions
Supa Group
Supa Group
May 29, 2015
Director of Building
May 29, 2015
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Considering a second storey addition? Read this

Adding a second storey to your home is an exciting project. It means you can drastically increase your living space and the number of bedrooms in your home, while significantly improving its resale value.

Second storey extensions are a good option for many families, and they are more affordable and better value than you think. Plus, you can retain precious outdoor space.

It is usually possible to keep living in your home and go about your daily business while a second storey extension is being added. While there is noise, dust, and disruption, it will all be worth it once you’ve achieved that extra space.

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when contemplating a second storey extension.

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Professional opinions are necessary

Experience counts for a lot when adding a second storey addition to your home. A detailed understanding of the planning constraints, building regulations and site conditions are required. Understanding these factors can help inform what is possible.

We all have certain visions when it comes to our family home, and it’s important when extending into the roof space to be realistic. Our design consultants are experienced and will be able to help you develop a structurally sound design, as well as helping you achieve the look that you are wanting when extending.

Supa Group draw on the resources of experienced engineers and trades well versed at building extensions that will make sure your upper storey stays up.

Getting the necessary approvals

When adding an extension to your home, be it a ground floor extension or second storey addition, it is vital that the proposed works comply with all state government and council regulations. This includes understanding the necessary height restrictions, and other set-backs required to get approval for your project.

Sometimes there are also landscape, vegetation or heritage overlays attached to the title of your property that mean any changes you want to make to your property have to be approved by council. If these overlays exist, you will need to go through a formal planning process with the council.

  • Depending on the workload within the council this can take several months.
  • If you want to go outside the usual site setbacks, that may trigger a council dispensation.
  • Once consent is given by the council it is then possible to proceed to getting the building permit from the building surveyor.

This detailed understanding is required in order to understand what the possibilities are for your home, and whether a planning process will be triggered or not. Your design consultant will have a detailed understanding of these constraints. Ultimately, it’s the building surveyor’s responsibility to ensure that all regulations are complied with prior to issuing the building permit.

Living through the build

Many of our clients live in the home while the extension is taking place. It really depends on the scope of works in each instance. Sometimes, it may be a short window where you can’t live in the house because services have to be cut, or a bathroom is being rebuilt.

Understanding the process and having that communicated to you is important so that you can plan ahead. Sometimes clients take holidays in the middle of construction so they can lessen the time they need to be there while building is in progress.

Your home essentially becomes a construction site, so understanding and abiding by Occupational Health and Safety requirements is really important to keep everyone safe.

Generally speaking, the overall build time is reduced when the house is vacant during construction.

Keep your possessions safe

We always recommend of value is stored safely offsite during the build. Your house is not as secure during construction, so it’s best to be careful and keep your jewellery or that special bottle of wine somewhere out of reach.

Building sites are often a target for theft and materials, and equipment can disappear overnight. At Supa Group we have surprisingly few instances of theft, partly because our sites are not in new housing estates, but also because many of our clients live on site, which acts as a deterrent.

Have a contingency

At Supa Group, we work with contracts that have a fixed price and fixed completion times. Sometimes, there are site conditions that we cannot preempt prior to works commencing, so this may lead to variations and additional costs to the contract.

Believe it or not, people can change their minds, especially as their project develops before their eyes. The ability to be able to change the contract is necessary. At the end of the day, you can get what you want if you do change your mind. This may or may not have cost implications.

What comes next?

There is a lot to consider when adding a second storey addition to your home. Nonetheless, it’s important to select an experienced builder who understands what is required. It is an area of speciality that not every residential builder can do.

Second storey extensions can be a fantastic option for families who want to gain extra space without moving or sacrificing outdoor areas.

As Supa Group, we have a professional group of staff to guide our clients through every stage of the process, from design to completion. Our process is proven and tested, with communication being the driving key to our success.

With over 40 years of quality design and construction behind us, we have the experience and credentials to offer a top quality home extension service in Melbourne.

[about_us]At Supa Group, our team of dedicated professionals are here to give you the very best experience from start to finish. Get in touch to see how we can help.


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