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Multi-Generational Home Extensions Melbourne

Accommodate multiple generations in your own home

Create more space with a custom extension to match your family's needs.

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HIA 2022 Finalist
Professional small builder/renovator

Neil and Matt have decades of combined industry experience and are experts in multi-generation home extensions.

“As a Design Build Home Extension company, we find that clients approach us for varying reasons but one strong theme is the issue of multi-generational living. This may be to accommodate parents as they age, or adult children returning home for various reasons” - Neil Gardiner

With their professionalism and expertise, you can rest easy knowing your home is in the safest of hands.

Matt Howard

Managing Director

Fitting your family members under one roof

As Melbourne's population diversifies and housing options change, home extensions are the perfect way to support your family. Whether extending your ground floor for your elderly family members or adding a separate living space for your adult children, house extensions are designed to foster closer family connections while maintaining individual privacy.

We all like to watch our own television shows, be able to regulate the volume to our own hearing abilities and not have to queue in the morning for the bathroom so with a bit of thought this can be factored into a design to arrive at the ideal outcome for your situation.

With a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and seamless integration into the existing structure, multigenerational house extensions offer a tailor-made solution for modern families looking to live harmoniously under the same roof.

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The advantages of multi-generational homes

Multigenerational living has gained popularity due to its practicality in cost-sharing, caregiving convenience, and promoting closerfamily ties. Families often choose this arrangement to pool resources, provide'care for children or elderly relatives.


  • Cost-sharing for affordability
  • Convenient caregiving setup
  • Enhanced family bonds
  • Improved security

Making space for the parents through a multi-generational living plan

This family loved their Coburg home and eagerly anticipated the annual visit of parents from the UK, the home lacked the space for them all to live comfortably under one roof for lengthy periods of time. So the client came to Supa Group looking for a Multi-generational living plan.

Existing floor plan

Proposed floor plan

The outcome

In this case the brief was to extend the house, create separate sleeping and living quarters for the grandparents, whilst still providing a floorplan that was conducive to a comfortable lifestyle without fear of losing privacy.

The old undercover entertaining area made way for the ‘Grandparents Wing’ which comprised of a private living area, wet bar with a meals area and access to the spacious bedroom with bespoke BIR and luxe ensuite.

The extensions distinctive design was not only creative but smart with both the living area and the ‘grandparents wing’ having independent access via double glazed stacking doors to the charming rear garden. The design also afforded views of the deep garden through the pergola.

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Extending is an easier option for your family


Extending your existing home is often more cost-effective than demolishing and building anew, as it utilises your current structure and foundation, saving on construction and demolition expenses.

Preservation of Character

Extending allows you to retain the architectural character and charm of your current home, which can be important for families who value their property's sentimental and historical aspects.

Time Savings

Extending typically requires less time than constructing an entirely new home, enabling you to accommodate multi-generational living arrangements more quickly.

Minimal Disruption

Home extensions can be completed with less disruption to your family's daily life compared to the extensive construction process required for a new build, making it a more convenient option for multi-generational households.

Can I add an extension to my home?

One thing that Supa Group is really good at is customization, and understanding what’s possible for your individual situation given site and financial constraints.

Constraints include:

  • Any overlays on the property such as a heritage or other planning overlay
    Site set back requirements (front, rear and side) to comply with ResCode
  • The size of your block
  • How your home is currently situated on the block
  • The condition of the existing home
  • Your budget and understanding what is a reasonable amount to spend on your property

Supa Group’s Design Consultants are highly experienced in understanding site constraints and have the expertise in providing the best customised extension solution for people’s homes.

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Choose a master builder with decades of experience

A multi-award winner and proud to be both a long-term Master Builder and HIA member, another big reason for our reputation is our highly trained and experienced staff, from management to trades.

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As a member of Master Builders Victoria, we’re recognised as a reliable and reputable business that completes works to the highest industry standards.

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We’re proud to be a part of Australia’s biggest residential building association that promotes fairness, integrity, and value.

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Award winning

Most recently, we were finalists in the Professional Small Builder/Renovator category in the 2022 HIA Awards.

See our multi-generation homes

Look at our recent projects to get a feel for the transformations you can expect in your home. Get ideas, be inspired, and then we’ll create your perfect home.

Ground floor extension Coburg North
  • Ground floor extension
  • Existing 3 Bedrooms / 2 bathrooms/ 1 living area
  • Converted to a 4 Bedroom/ three bathroom/ 2 livingareas
  • Attic space for storage with an attic ladder
  • Cypress pine pergola

Commonly asked questions about Multi-Generational homes

How long does the construction process typically take for a multi-generational home extension, and how disruptive will it be to our daily lives during construction?

The duration of a multi-generational home extension project can vary depending on the size, complexity, and scope of the work involved.

Are specific building regulations or permits required for multi-generational home extensions?

Building regulations and permits are typically required for home extensions, including multi-generational ones. The specific requirements can vary based on your location and the project scope. 

We can guide you through the permitting process and help ensure your extension complies with all relevant building codes and zoning regulations.

What design considerations should we consider to make the multi-generational home extension functional and aesthetically pleasing?

Designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing multi-generational home extension involves several key considerations. 

Firstly, prioritise creating separate living spaces with entrances and privacy features to accommodate different generations. Flexibility in room usage, such as convertible spaces, can enhance functionality. 

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