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Why you should use a registered builderWhy you should use a registered builder
Why you should use a registered builderWhy you should use a registered builder

Why you should use a registered builder

Why you should use a registered builder

Supa Group
Supa Group
September 14, 2015
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Victorian Building Authority- Media Release 25th June 2015

Carpenter ordered to pay $16,000 for working unregistered

Recently the VBA posted an article about a Hoppers Crossing Carpenter who was fined $8000 by a magistrate and ordered to repay more than $8000 to a homeowner after investigations by the Victorian Building Authority found that he carried out building work without being a registered builder. He not only entered into a contract that did not comply with the Domestic Building Act but also received more than 10% deposit. The maximum amount payable up front for a contract. The issue was bought to VBA by the Homeowners after the carpenter failed to complete the work.

All domestic building work in Victoria costing more than $5000 must be carried out by a registered building practitioner.So if you want to extend, renovate or build your home it is a huge commitment both financially and emotionally. You want to get it right the first time.

It’s fine to listen to family and friends who may refer builders or trades people they may have used themselves and have been satisfied. A referral should always be highly regarded but there are other factors to be considered before making your choice.

Like any other situations when we require the services of a professional like a doctor or lawyer we rely on their established industry credentials to allow us to choose the right person for the job. Choosing the right Building Practitioner is no different, so it pays to do your homework.

Whether your job is big or small, check that the Builders or Trades people are all registered and carry the appropriate license. Simply log onto VBA (Victorian Building Authority) website www.vba.vic.gov.au and use the ‘Find a practitioner’ tool on the site.

Licensing protects you in the following way:

• you deal with a legitimate business
• the tradesperson has the right qualifications for the job
• you enjoy better consumer protection
• By law, all builders and trades people must display their license number on any advertisement for their service.

The VBA website is a great place to start. Your house is your home so entrust all works to be carried out by professional licensed building practitioners and avoid ending up with situations resulting in poor workmanship, incomplete jobs and unqualified trades with no understanding of the Building Code of Australia. In the end it’s all about ‘Peace of Mind’.

Additional useful information about undertaking Building works greater than $5000 like a new build, renovation or extension, is also available on Consumer Affairs Victoria.


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