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Visualise your home extension with 3D designVisualise your home extension with 3D design
Visualise your home extension with 3D designVisualise your home extension with 3D design

Visualise your home extension with 3D design

Visualise your home extension with 3D design

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Supa Group
Supa Group
September 23, 2019
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September 23, 2019
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Supa Group makes stylish home design easy

How to plan a house extension

House extensions are a wonderful way to create extra room, upgrade your space, and put a design stamp on an aesthetic that’s yours. Considering your options and making plans is easy, with the help of Supa Group’s Design Consultants.

Our streamlined approach to the home extension process is ideal for many clients. It cuts to the chase in informing the client what’s possible for how much, without incurring costly drafting or architect fees. If you’re seeking a straightforward, affordable and manageable path to planning extensions, contact Supa Group today.

Complementary design consultation

Designing a home extension to add space or improvements is an exciting prospect, with lots of creative and practical decisions to be made. One of benefits of Supa Group is our vast experience in the design process and advanced method of assisting clients distil their ideas into tangible plans.

As part of Supa Group’s service, we offer a complementary meeting with one of our Design Consultants to discuss your goals, plans, and budget. We love meeting clients at this initial stage. They are embarking on their home extension journey, and offer valuable advice and guidance that will help make their project a success.

Your Supa Group Design Consultant can quickly tell you what’s possible, given:

  • Your home’s existing condition,
  • Planning constraints like potential set backs, height limits, site coverage
  • The way your family want to live in your home

We create a 3D model

The next step after your design consultation is for us to create a 3D design of your concept. Our advanced 3D design software and modelling takes the guesswork out of your extension plans.

The 3D model is prepared so you can visualise your proposed plans and precisely understand how the design will work. This incredibly useful tool allows people to fall in love with their plans, or request some changes before any work is done.

The 3D Design Service includes:

  • Floorplan of existing home
  • Floorplan of your proposed home
  • Exterior 3D views
  • Aerial view with the roof removed
  • Furnished interior 3D views

Our experienced Draftsperson, along with the Consultant, can tinker with the design until you are happy.

Check in on your budget

Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean compromising on quality – but it does mean doing your homework in the research and planning stage to find the best value. Whether you’re doing a ground floor extension or a second storey renovation, extending your home can get expensive, so it’s best to be clear from the outset what your limits are.

Supa Group are understanding of the financial boundaries clients set. We are careful, realistic, and comprehensive when it comes to quotes. Other benefits we offer include fixed price, fixed completion time, finance referrals, all of which make the extension process and planning phase less stressful.

Prepare for the next stages of building

Many clients find it preferable to have one team see their project through from conception to completion. Supa Group offers a seamless service that can take you from the planning and design stage, right though to bubbles on the balcony when you celebrate your newly completed home extension.

The building stages generally progress as follows:

  • Initial research – Wants, needs, and ideas
  • Planning and design – Complementary design consult & 3D modelling
  • Pre-construction – Preparation of working drawings, engineering, building contract, development applications, contracting tradespeople, purchasing materials
  • Construction – Watching your plans come to life
  • Post construction – Inspection and handover
  • Warranty and post construction care – even though we’ve finished your works, Supa Group stand by their works and attend to any maintenance issues as needed. There is a two year maintenance period and a ten year structural warranty on our works.

It’s important that you find builders who can understand your values and assist you to realise your vision. At Supa Group, we are dedicated to listening to clients and working with them to deliver home extensions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Contact us at Supa Group

Supa Group have reputable design consultants, marksmen, and builders who have been planning, designing and building home extensions for over 40 years. For impressive savings on floorplans and fixed prices that won’t blow your budget, speak to our friendly team.

[free_consultation]Contact us today to arrange an obligation free appointment with one of our professional Design Consultants. We’ll work with you to create a spacious, stylish and functional home, you can fall in love with and afford.


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